How to Come Up With the Top Christmas Gift Idea for Your Husband

Money might seem like a very impersonal Christmas gift idea to most people, but there are instances when it is not only an appropriate gift, but also the best choice. Deciding that money would never be the right gift for anyone at any time can limit your options.

If you need to buy a Christmas gift for someone who is in college, money is often what is most appreciated. College students need so many things, especially when they are paying their own way through college or at least part of it. Buying a college student something that you think he or she might need is a noble gesture, but it doesn't always work out for the best. Because you're not living with them day to day, you don't really know what they need. It's much better to give college students money so that they know how it will best be used.

When a family member or friend is saving money for something that is very special to them, giving money as a Christmas gift can be your way of showing your support. Helping a loved one buy something important shows that you are paying attention, and that you care about them reaching their goal.

It's easy to see that money is acceptable as a Christmas gift idea under certain circumstances, but how you present the money as a gift can make a difference. A money tree can be a whimsical way to give money. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and usually only hold bills. The bills clip on to the tree as if they were the leaves. There are also greeting cards that are made especially to hold money in them. Try to think of a unique way of giving the money; it makes it more fun for the giver and the recipient.

Be sure to let the recipient know why you are giving money as a gift, whether in the card or by simply saying so. Whether it is to help with college expenses, something special that requires saving up for, or for another reason, it is more personal to tell the person what you hope the money can do for him or her instead of just handing it over. The thought that is put into the decision to give money is what matters most when it comes to showing someone how much you care.