10 Great Religious Christmas Gift Ideas

Sometimes it's easy to forget that Christmas is a religious holiday. The 500 toys Santa Claus delivered can take away from the meaning of Christmas. One way to keep the Christ in Christmas is to give religious gifts during the Nativity Season. The following are some religious gifts appropriate to the Christmas Season!


If you're looking to remind friends or family what the meaning of Christmas is you can't really go wrong with the Word of God. While the Nativity is only mentioned in a few chapters of the Bible, the life of Christ is never a bad idea on his birthday.

Items With Scriptural Passages or Books About Religious Topics

If you're pretty sure the person you're giving gifts to already owns a Bible, you might want to gift them a gift with an inspiring passage from Scripture. This not only serves to keep the Nativity meaning in mind, but also to inspire throughout the day.

Christ Themed Movies

There are many movies that feature the Christian message. Also there are many great films for children, which help to educate young children about the gospel message. 

Nativity Scenes

Nativity Scenes are a great way to keep the religious message of the Christmas season in mind. 

Advent Wreaths

Advent Wreathes can combine both festive themes, and decorative appeal while at the same time severing to remind about the religious message of the Nativity Season.

Chotki, Rosaries, or Prayer Books

Christians are reminded in scripture to pray. Different cultures, and different Christians keep this message in mind in different ways. Some use prayer beads such as Chtoki, or Rosaries. Others use prayer or even Hymn books. The important thing is any of these gifts are appropriate to the season and also underscore the Nativity message.

Holy Land Art

There are many visually inspiring landscapes in the Land Christ Walked. These make great gifts since they can be seen all year round, but also be appropriate to the gift giving season!

Religious Themed Ornaments

Not all Christian cultures have Christmas trees, but many that do not have religious tree traditions still have holidays that are celebrated with trees or wreaths. Even for those that do not Christmas ornaments can be decorative. Religious themes or Nativity Scenes on ornaments are a great way to keep the Good News of the Nativity Season in mind throughout the winter seasons.

Christian Artwork, Icons, or Wall Hangings

There are many examples of Christian art which are also great year round decorations for the home. Some Christians have a practice of keeping religious Icons in the home. For all Christians however religious artwork serves to keep the message of Christ in mind all year long.

Religious Items for the Automobile

For many they spend as much time in their car as they do at home. Also many experience a multitude of trying and stressful situations while driving. Religious items for the car serve to remind of the Christian message in what can be overwhelming and stressful situations.