A Christmas Gift Basket can be a Thoughtful Christmas Gift Idea

When the holiday season comes close in January, most people start thinking of what they are going to give for Christmas gifts next December. Unless you are one of those rare people who do all of their Christmas shopping during the post-holiday sales, you probably struggle with the best Christmas gift ideas well into the coming season. One idea that you may not have thought of yet, but one that is always a hit, is a gift basket.

Make a list of the people for whom you want to buy Christmas gifts. Think of what you know about each of these people. Your sister may have small children and a full time job - and very little time for herself. Your best friend may be active in a dog rescue organization. Your co-worker likes to make costume jewelry in her spare time. Use this information to create gift baskets that are unique to each individual person. This Christmas gift idea can be as fun for you to create as it is for the person to receive.

For your sister with little free time, make a gift basket full of items for pampering herself. In her basket, place scented bath oil and candles, a gift certificate for a professional massage, a DVD to entertain the kids, and a good romance novel. For your best friend, fill a basket with dog treats, a couple of leashes, a certificate for a discount at the veterinarian, and some chew toys. A basket for your co-worker could contain decorative bottles filled with different colors and sizes of beads, bags of string, and a small glue gun with extra glue sticks.

Though the gift basket is the main Christmas gift idea theme, it is easy to see how each gift would be unique and personal. You'll feel good about the thought you put into each basket, and your thoughtfulness will put a smile on many faces.