Top Five Christmas Gift Ideas for Diabetics

Diabetics have different needs than most people. There are some gifts that you could give them that would make life easier for them and bring a smile to their face at the same time. By giving them a gift that helps them manage their disease, you make their life a little bit easier and show that you care.

1. Sugar-Free Candy. It used to be that sugar-free candy was a specialty item. Nowadays, you can find it at your local grocery store. If you would rather get some fancy sugar-free candy, you may have to visit a candy shop or order it online. Once you get a few pieces together, assemble them in a little basket with a bow.

2. Diabetic Socks. Diabetics can have a lot of problems with their feet and circulation. Their feet are also often very cold. There are seamless socks available, specially designed for diabetics that keep their feet warm without the aggravation of the seam.

3. Diabetic Recipe Cookbook. This is a great addition for any diabetic's home. It will provide a diabetic with numerous recipes are healthy and were designed specifically for the diabetic's special dietary needs. These are recipes that can be used for a lifetime. Buy a collection to give to the diabetic in your family that includes meal recipes and dessert recipes, as desserts are often what they miss the most.

4. Diabetic Carrying Case. Diabetics carry their insulin with them when they have to eat outside of the home. They need to take their testing kits, needles, and medicine. They may also have some tablets for when their blood sugar is running low. They need carrying cases for travel even if they are just out running errands for the day. Find them a diabetic carrying case has style. Maybe buy some iron-ons for the front of the case or Bedazzle it.

5. Cell Phone. Diabetics will need to call for help if their blood sugar drops too low. They can also have problems if their blood sugar is too high. Having a cell phone, even a prepaid one, around for emergencies is key. Program 911 into the phone so that they user can just push one button to call for help.