Top Five Christmas Gift Ideas for Dogs

Dogs are an important part of a family and shouldn't be forgotten on Christmas. They have their own set of needs and wants. It is important to consider both when coming up with some great Christmas gift ideas. Don't forget to wrap each gift and let your dog have fun tearing through all the wrapping paper to get to his or her new gift.

1. Chew Toys. All dogs love chew toys. Some chew toys squeak and some light up. Some are in the shape of a newspaper and others in the shape of a bone. Based on your experience with your dog, determine which it likes best. Is there a favorite object in your house that your dog prefers to play with? If so, find a chew toy that resembles it. Also, take a look at the size of the chew toy and the size of your dog. Make sure the toy is not too big for the dog to carry around the house.

2. Treats. All dogs love treats. Treats are a great addition for your dog's Christmas stocking. There are stockings made just for dogs that you can personalize by adding your dog's name to the top of the stocking with glue and glitter. Then add small items for the inside of the stocking such as treats. Treats come in different flavors, so choose a flavor based on your dogs preferences.

3. Personalized Dog Bowl. This is an especially great idea if you own more than one dog. If your dog is a male, buy it a blue bowl with his name on it. If you have a female dog, a princess type bowl with her name on it would be great. You can buy two, one for water and one for food. You might even want to wrap the treats inside the bowl and then wrap up the whole thing.

4. Tug-of-War Rope. This rope shouldn't be too long, but long enough for you to pull on one side while your dog pulls on the other. Dogs require a good amount of exercise each day. Using a tug of war rope is perfect for getting your dog some exercise while it is inside. If it's a rainy day or too cold outside get out the tug-of-war rope and have fun while exercising your dog.

5. Bandana. Give your dog a dash of fashion with a bandana. There are tons of bandanas of all different colors and patterns available. They're very inexpensive so that you can pick several different colors or patterns. Base the choice of colors and patterns on the dog's gender, its fur's color, as well as your specific tastes. If you like if you like a specific sports team, then you may want to buy your dog that team's bandana. You and your dog can root for that team together.