A Christmas Gift Idea for Morning Grumps

If you have people in your family who are grumpy in the mornings a sunrise clock is a great Christmas gift idea for them. Some people are very sensitive. How they wake up in the mornings can affect their outlooks on the day. Many people can't cope with the shocking noises of alarm clocks or being awakened by a burst of bright light. Our bodies and minds are generally programmed to be at their best when we can come out of a deep sleep gradually, not with a jolt.

If you are looking for a Christmas gift idea the recipient will use year round, you can't go wrong with a sunrise clock. Sunrise clocks wake people gently so they can start their days relaxed and in a good mood. Research shows that natural light can help people feel more energetic. Natural light can also improve moods and productivity. A sunrise clock works by using light that replicates dawn. People punch in the time they want to wake up and the light from the sunrise clock begins to get brighter and brighter-just like a normal sunrise. People can wake naturally and gradually versus being jolted awake by a traditional alarm clock.

These clocks not only take the shock factor away of waking up, they can also improve the quality of sleep. This means more than morning grumps can benefit from this unique Christmas gift idea. If you know someone who is a shift worker, has trouble falling asleep, or someone who suffers from the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder, purchase a clock that comes with an added sunset factor. The light on the clock slowly dims which helps the body calm and get into the natural rhythm of rest and relaxation that is inductive of sleep.