Christmas Gift Ideas for Pool Players

If you have someone in your inner circle who is developing a love for playing pool, a cue stick is a great Christmas gift idea. People who play pool on occasion probably don't care about the type of equipment they use. In fact, they may be so clueless about the game they may not even notice when a table is not regulation size, or that the cue sticks aren't straight. Someone who is truly enthused by the sport and developing a talent for billiards will notice these things. They know equipment is very important-and nothing is more important for a pool player than a cue stick. That's why a cue stick is such a great Christmas gift idea. Not only does it show the recipient you support their hobby, it also shows that you want them to succeed at it.

A cue stick is not something that a pool player will share with someone else. Cue sticks vary in straightness, weight, and in the quality of the tip. Each player will have a favored cue stick that suits their needs and style of playing. Cue sticks become an extension of the players. They get used to its grip, weight, how it feels to hit and how it performs. Owning your own cue stick enables a player to excel at the sport because they don't have to make changes in their style to accommodate various sticks.

If this is a Christmas gift idea you are considering there are some things you should know. Cue sticks come in a wide range of prices. They generally start at around $30 and can run as high as $500. Prices vary based on whether they are one-piece or two, whether they are handmade, have inlays, personalized grips, and so on. The wood of the cue stick is also a factor in price. Whatever you choose, know that a cue stick is a unique Christmas gift idea. Many people liken the cue stick to a baseball player's glove. If purchasing such a personalized item intimidates you, purchase your pool player a gift certificate and let him pick out his own.