Think Apples When You Need Christmas Gift Ideas for Teachers

Christmas is the perfect time to show educators how much you appreciate what they do for your children. Yet many parents find it difficult to find appropriate gifts for teachers. The simple fact is most parents don't know what to give teachers, or how much to spend on the gifts. The answers to these questions are very obvious-think apples! You can't go wrong with any Christmas gift idea for a teacher that involves apples. Here are some suggestions that won't break the bank:

Most teachers love things for their desk. It gives their desks a bit of personality and character. A great Christmas gift idea for a teacher's desk is an apple paperweight. Most apple paperweights are made out of stainless steel or wood.

You can't go wrong with candles. Most everyone loves candles-especially teachers who want to set cozy moods in their homes after a long day with children. Apple scented candles are perfect gifts for teachers. You can spice things up a bit by purchasing apple scented candles that are enhanced with cinnamon, or by purchasing bath candles.

Clocks are a favorite for many people, including teachers. A great Christmas gift idea for a teacher is a big apple themed wall clock. Teachers can hang these clocks in their rooms in place of the school's drab wall clock.

If you want to truly impress your child's teacher, make some homemade goodies. You and your child can make candied and caramel apples. Simply cover them in shiny paper and tie them with a string. Another alternative is to make a jar of apple-spiced tea, fried apple pies, homemade apple jelly, or go all out and order your child's teacher a gourmet apple gift basket.

Keep your children involved in the teacher gift giving process. Tell them the theme is apples and see what kind of Christmas gift idea they come up with for their teacher. You might be surprised at the creativity that pops out of their young minds.