Christmas Gifts for New Home Owners

If someone you know has recently moved into a newly constructed home the chances are pretty high they don't have any established plants or trees around them. The holiday season is perfect time of the year to come up with a Christmas gift idea that will help the new home owner get their gardening and landscaping juices flowing.

The easiest of all gifts to give someone for their property is a gift card to a local home and garden center, plant nursery, or online gardening outlet. This is ideal for people who may live in areas that are very cold during the holidays when planting and working outdoors is not a possibility. If the new homeowner is located in an area where the weather is pretty mild, purchasing a tree that will mature into a nice shade tree is an awesome gift. If you don't want to go that far, consider a hanging basket, or an elegantly potted perennial they can put on their patio or front porch.

If you don't want to deal with anything that is alive for a holiday gift, think of a Christmas gift idea in the garden dcor area. Something that is much loved by many people, yet is something they often don't think of purchasing for themselves, is a birdbath. Birdbaths make great gifts for new homeowners. Not only do they help birds find places to cool off and get drinks in the warm months, they can become a good source of entertainment for homeowners. Nothing is nicer than relaxing on your back porch or patio as you quietly watch the antics of birds.

Coming up with outdoor gift ideas for new homeowners isn't difficult. There are a myriad of options in all price ranges. You can choose from the simple garden flag or wind chime, or step it up a notch and put together a basket of flower seeds, garden gloves and hand tools, and sunscreen. Whatever you decide, know that your gift will be warmly received by the new homeowner.