Christmas Tree Safety Tips

Christmas is one of the most beloved and highly celebrated holidays of all time. The Christmas tree is a symbol of this wonderful time of year, and families all over the world have Christmas trees in their home for the holidays. Some people choose to purchase live, fresh trees, while others prefer fake, reusable ones. The Christmas tree tradition first started in Egypt, although many believe that it originated in Germany. The ancient Egyptians were amazed at the evergreen's ability to live through harsh winters, and they would bring the trees inside to worship them. Eventually, this love of green beautiful trees moved on to Europe, where the Germans decorated the trees they brought indoors with ribbons and candles. Christmas ornaments soon became a popular novelty, and really began to take on use in America in the 1950s.

Christmas Trees
While Christmas trees are a beautiful addition to any home during the holidays, some very important safety tips should be followed. If you have opted to use a real tree, be sure that it stays watered at all times. Check the tree water level both morning and night. If the needles dry out, it is more of a serious fire hazard than if they stay moist and nourished. Trees should be kept in areas where pets and small children cannot have access to them. Make sure the tree stand is holding the tree steadily and tightly, to avoid it from tipping over. Keep the tree in a corner of the room away from foot traffic. Also, cords for the lights should be tied up and kept out of the way for potential tripping hazards. Be sure all fake trees meet UL standards for fire safety.
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Tree Lights
The lights are what make any Christmas tree sparkle and shine, however they should be used carefully. People need to make sure they choose lights that are modern and up to date with the latest safety standards. Older lights that burn too hot can cause fires. Be sure to only use indoor lights for the tree, and outdoor lights only for the outside of your home. They are designated as such for a reason. At night when going to bed, or whenever leaving the home, be sure to turn the tree lights off. Never leave Christmas tree lights unattended. Be sure to secure all cords so no one trips over them. One extension cord should be used for all lights. More than one cord can cause an electrical overload and a possible fire.
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Tree Ornaments
Glass ornaments were once the most popular of all decorative ornaments. While this type is still sold today, they are not recommended for people with small children in the home. These glass ornaments are made of a very thin material and can shatter and break very easily, causing cuts and other injuries. Candles should never be used to decorate a tree, as they are an obvious fire hazard. Ornaments should not be too heavy for a tree's branches. They should also have smooth edges, not sharp, to avoid any problems. Plastic hooks instead of metal are preferable when hanging ornaments from the tree.
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