Edible Christmas Gift Ideas Perfect for Friends and Family

Instead of sending someone the usual gift of chocolates or nuts during the holiday season, why not stretch your imagination a bit and come up with an interesting Christmas gift idea? If you want to stick to edible gifts, one of the nicest gifts you can send is a gourmet fruit basket. The gift of fruit never goes out of style and it's a warm, comforting gift-especially during the winter months when fresh gourmet fruit isn't easy to find.

What makes this such a unique Christmas gift idea is long after the food is gone the basket can still be used by the recipient. In essence, you are really giving two gifts in one. Knowing a little about the recipient's taste and home dcor can go far when it comes time to choose the basket itself. For instance, you wouldn't want to send a pastel pink basket to a male, or to someone who decorates their home in blacks, browns, and other earth tones.

One of the nicest things about sending a gourmet fruit basket is you can have it personalized. Not only can you choose from a wide range of baskets and basket sizes, but you can take it a step further and have extra goodies added to the basket, too. Many people feel the best additions to these baskets are nice cheeses and wines. If you're uncertain which fruit, cheeses, and wines complement each other simply ask the advice of the gourmet fruit company who is packaging the basket. They're experts at finding the right balance between fruit, cheese, and wine.

Why not bypass the usual, expected gifts of chocolates and nuts and opt for a gourmet fruit basket this holiday season? They are warmly received by many people such as people who are living overseas, co-workers, extended relatives, long distance friends, favored local businesses, neighbors, and even employees.