Top 5 Food Christmas Gift Ideas That are Absolutely Delicious

One of the best Christmas gifts you can give to a friend or friends of your family is a gift basket full of food. This is why so many companies offer dessert baskets or cheese and meat baskets. These baskets usually contain fancy mustards and cheese that spreads like butter. The top five foods that make great Christmas gift ideas are below.

1. Maple and Brown Sugar Ham. Send this present a week or two before Christmas so that the recipient has the option of preparing it for Christmas dinner. Make sure you buy a ham this is big enough for the family you are sending it to. If the family is just the husband and wife, you may opt for a smaller ham.

2. Creamy Fudge Trio. This is a combination of three pounds of fudge decorated in Christmas boxes. Place a few bows on top and deliver with your Christmas card. The recipient can use the fudge by cutting it up and creating a tray for guests at their Christmas party. The best gifts are the ones that can be shared and enjoyed by many.

3. Meat and Cheese Basket. This basket should be an equal amount of cheeses and meats. They look the best when you buy them in logs as well as some cheese in tubs that spread easily. Add a few jars spicy mustard, fancy crackers, or preserves and you have a fun snack basket. It's a perfect gift for snuggling by the fire Christmas Eve.

4. Tin of Homemade Cookies. No cookie is better than a home made cookie. There are beautifully decorated Christmas tins for sale that should fit your needs. Choose a size that will provide enough cookies for the family you plan on baking for. There is no need to wrap the tin, but a big fancy bow for the top of the tin would be a great addition. Bake about three or four different kinds of cookies and mix them up throughout the tin.

5. Good Old-Fashioned Fruit Basket. Fresh fruit is a fabulous gift. You can also add some fruit-like items to the basket to make it more exciting, like gummy candies that are shaped like fruit. Some fruit flavored gum would do as well. Be creative - pick up some clear or transparent plastic wrap and a big red ribbon to put all of the items together in an attractive manner.