Fun Facts about Reindeer

A reindeer is a noble, beautiful creature. One of the most incredible characteristics of the reindeer is its ability to thrive in the frozen temperatures of the Arctic. As the harsh winter winds blow, reindeer survive on whatever plant life they can find in the snow including shrubs, lichen, dry twigs, and different kinds of moss. Moving across the plains in large herds, reindeer are in a continual search for sustenance and water especially during the winter months. The domestic reindeer is categorized as one particular species. In North America, the wild caribou and the domestic reindeer are often thought of as one in the same animal, however a caribou is actually considered to be a subspecies of reindeer. In addition, caribou are usually larger in size than a reindeer and are sometimes referred to as the North American reindeer. 

Evolution and Habitat

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Biology and Behavior 

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Human Interaction and Hunting

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