An Heirloom Christmas Gift Idea that Will Stand the Test of Time

Despite what we may see on television commercials and in newspaper and magazine ads during the Christmas season, most people agree that the best Christmas gift idea is something homemade. A knitted sweater, a box of cookies, a birdhouse; if you make the gift yourself it will mean that much more to the person who receives it. Though ideas for homemade Christmas gifts for family abound, one way to narrow down the choices is to focus on creating something that will become a family heirloom.

What constitutes a family heirloom? Generally, it is an item that is important enough to a family to be carefully preserved and passed down through generations. It is often something that represents the family, or someone in the family, in an important way. A clock brought over by ancestors from Europe, a quilt made by a great-great grandmother or aunt, a wedding ring handed down from mothers to daughters over the years; these things are priceless to families.

Starting a new tradition by making your own family heirloom can be the perfect Christmas gift idea. The key to making something truly special for someone in your family to cherish and pass down to future generations is to use your own unique talent. Each of us has something special that we do well; something that helps makes us uniquely who we are. Perhaps you are a skilled seamstress, an accomplished painter, or have found that you have a talent for glass blowing. Tap into your creative side and use what you are passionate about to make something special for a member of your family.

It is good to remember that, if you are creating something that will be a family heirloom, you should put some type of mark on it - a signature of some sort. Whether that means embroidering your initials onto a quilt that you've made or burning the family crest into a crafted piece of furniture, it will make your gift that much more special. A homemade heirloom isn't just a Christmas gift idea for one person; it is your special gift to many future generations.