Unique Christmas Gift Idea for Travelers and Students

A prepaid calling card is truly a unique Christmas gift idea. If you've seen someone in your inner circle purchase prepaid calling cards, or if you've heard they do purchase them, you can be assured that a prepaid calling card would be a great gift.

There are many people who use prepaid calling cards. Prepaid phone cards are perfect for people who don't want to pay extra fees each month by having long distance service on their land lines. People who do a lot of international traveling truly value having prepaid calling cards on hand, too. The cards take the hassle out of making international phone calls and the process of going through many different operators. Prepaid calling cards also come in handy for people who travel stateside-but who don't want to use up their cell phone minutes.

College students also appreciate prepaid calling cards as most dorms phones don't have long distance service. Giving a college student a prepaid calling card is a good way to ensure you stay connected. Parents love these cards because their college students have no excuse for not calling and checking in at home. Students love them because they don't eat up their valuable cell phone minutes.

Now that you have the perfect Christmas gift idea the question is how much money you should spend on prepaid calling cards. The good news is there is right answer. These cards can be purchased for as little as $5 on up to $100. No matter the money value of the card, you don't have to jump through hoops to purchase them. They require no authorization, credit check, complicated forms or registrations-or even a permanent address. Another added bonus to giving prepaid calling cards as gifts is you can do all your shopping at once.